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Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute Oil

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Common Names: Chameli, Jasminum officinale

Blends With: It normally works with all oils and tends to work mainly with other aphrodisiac oils like sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.

Constituents: Benzyl Acetate, Benzyl Benzoate, Geranyl linalool, Jasmone, Methyl Anthranilate, Indole, Phytol.

Uses: It is well known for its aphrodisiac properties and widely used around the world in perfume formulations and making aromatherapy blends

Product Details

Botonical Name Jasminum Grandiflorum
CAS # 8022-96-6
Solubility Soluble in alcohol & oil, insoluble in water
Specific Gravity 0.910 - 0.980 @ 25 C
Optical Rotation 13.0 - +2.0
Refractive Index 1.478 - 1.528 @ 25 C
Flash Point Greater Than 93.3 Degree C
Extraction Method Solvent Extraction