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Natural Cassia Essential Oil

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  • Longer shelf life
  • Easy to use
  • High in demand
  • Leak free packaging

Common Names:

  • Cassia Oil,
  • Cinnamon Cassia Oil

Blends With:

  • Balsam peru,
  • chamomile,
  • frankincense,
  • caraway,
  • ginger,
  • nutmeg,
  • Geranium,
  • rosemary,
  • black pepper,
  • all spices, coriander, & citrus oils.


  • Volatile Oils,
  • Cinnamaldehyde

Uses: Cassia Oil has a sweet, spicy-hot fragrance and is used as a physical & emotional stimulant, affecting the libido and known for its aphrodisiac qualities. Its aroma in a room also reduces drowsiness, pain, irritability and frequency of headaches. It also helps in relaxing tight muscles, menstrual cramps, ease joint pain and increase circulation. Further, it is also used as spice & food flavoring as well as for treatment of digestive complaints.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: IA-NEO-02
  • Price : Approx. Rs 1,550 / Kilogram

Product Details

Botonical Name Cinnamomum cassia
CAS # 8007-80-5
Solubility Soluble in alcohol
Specific Gravity 1.055-1.070 @ 20 C
Optical Rotation (-100') - (+600')@ 20 C
Refractive Index 1.600- 1.606 @ 20 C
Flash Point Greater Than 200.00 Degree F