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Rose Attar

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  • Aromatic
  • Non-allergic
  • Pleasing fragrance

Common Names:

  • Rose Otto,
  • Damask Rose,
  • Attar Of Roses,
  • Rose Flower Oil,
  • Ruh Gulab.

Blends With:

  • Sandalwood Oil,
  • Jasmine Oil,
  • Frankincense Oil.


  • Rose Oxide,
  • I-Citronellol,
  • Nerol,
  • Geraniol,
  • Phenyl Ethyl Alchohol.

Uses: The Rose Attar Finds Extensive Usage In The Perfumery And Cosmetic Industry. Moreover, It Is Believed To Have An Influence On Both The Physical, Mental And Spiritual Level Of Being, And Hence Is Widely Popular In Any Aromatherapy Treatment.

Item Code: LJPC-A-TIA-058

Product Details

Extraction Method Steam Distillation
CAS # 8007-01-0
Country of Origin India
Color & Odor Nice rosy colour with sweet rosy fragrance
Solubility Soluble in Alcohol.
Specific Gravity 0.805 - 1.010 @ 270C
ptical Rotation (-10) - (+10)
Refractive Index 1.465 - 1.495 @ 270C
Flash Point 185 F